Port Ludlow Project / Team

Above: Some of the criminals in the Port Ludlow Project include (L to R):   Suki, Blythe, Mari (or perhaps that’s Holli), Maxine and Charlie.

The Port Ludlow Project is a a local radio-serial fictional dark comedy that airs alternate Tuesdays in the noon hour, repeating on opposite-week Thursdays in the 5pm hour following the KPTZ Calendars.

With everyone “cutting back,” the friendly folks at the Department of Justice jumped on the bandwagon, bought up a bunch of homes in Port Ludlow WA, and started funneling in members of the Witness Protection program. Hard to get to, hard to get out of, easy to protect.

Join five woman criminals who meet in group therapy, in our original continuing story.   You never know who your neighbors are, when you live in Port Ludlow….”

Above: The Port Ludlow Project Players include (L to R): Erin Lamb, Catherine McNabb, Amanda Steurer-Zamora, Susan Solley, Michelle Stay, Chris Bricker, Zach NeSmith, Kristin Wolfram, and Taylor Clark.