Tossed Salad at the Wooden Boat Festival 9/07/2018

Join Phil Andrus and Tossed Salad an hour early (right after the noon Weekend Calendars) this Friday for an afternoon of sea(food) salad. Live from the grounds of the Wooden Boat Festival!  Stop by and see radio in the making.

12:10Barb Trailer, WBF Exec Director, interview
12:30Bertram Levy, bandoneon
1:00Greg Hatten, drift boats and national parks
1:30Tania Opland and Mike Freeman, instrumentals and maybe a song or two
2:00Kaci Cronkhite and Nancy Erley, women at sea
2:30Mike and Val James, folk duo
3:00 – Members of Team Sail Like a Girl: Aimee Fulwell, Anna Stevens, Haley Lhamon, Kelly Danielson
3:30Whateverly Brothers, two of ‘em, with instruments
4:00Mimi George, interviewed by Chris Bricker
4:30Steve Wystrach, producer and director of “Manry at Sea”
4:45Don White, reading a sea story