Tossed Salad for 5/18/18

Fleshing out the minimalist published schedule, here’s what Phil Andrus has planned for us this special Friday during our Spring Membership Drive.

First, Can’t Wait for Salad at 12:45 bring us Nadia Fisch and Margie McDonald for the Wearable Arts Show. Nadia won Best of Show for Saturday’s Wearable Arts Show for her piece “Intermission”.

The rest of Tossed Salad features:
1:00 – Rhody Festival Queen Ashley Rosser and Princesses Desirae Kudronowicz, Lacy Bishop and Skyanna Lardella
1:30 – Daniel Macke and Trevor Hanson, “The Long Splice” – twin acoustic guitars and one acoustic mandocello
2:30 – Bob Rosen, South County Report, with Rita Frangione (Vet connect) and John Braasch (Stand Down)
3:00 – The Brothers Dennison, Rick and Larry – The abridged version
3:30 – Judith-Kate, “Songs From the Sound” – A new song from Judith-Kate and new recordings from recents visitors to Port Townsend
4:30 – Don White, reading “The Crime on Calle de la Persequida”, by Palacio Valdez
4:45 – Nan Toby, pianist poet, reading two recent poems from “Tidepools”