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Note: KPTZ’s Compass is on hiatus until later in 2022.

KPTZ’s Compass is your local radio news magazine, its name carefully chosen to convey the unpredictability of the directions or stories you might find when you tune in at Saturdays at noon or Mondays at noon or 5pm .

Also like a compass, the stories often tell something about where we’re all headed. Compass producer Steve Evans also wears the hat of news director for KPTZ, and appreciates the freedom this allows him to tell himself what to do each week. In the past, Steve has been a printmaker, a reporter on a daily newspaper, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, an editor and publisher of environmental resource guides, an information resource specialist for a nonprofit organization, a fair-to-middling player of Irish tunes on the mandolin, and a fool for wooden boats.

KPTZ’s weekly editions of Compass are hosted on a rotating basis by Steve, Charlie Bermant, Dave Cunningham, and Chris Bricker.

You can listen to past Compass podcasts on the Compass podcasts page.

If you want to pitch a story idea to the Compass, you can reach the Compass team at [email protected].