Economics of Happiness Conference

(October 27-29, 2017) Some of the most prominent thinkers, writers, and activists in the sustainability and localization movements came together at Fort Worden’s Lifelong Learning Center on the weekend of October 27-29, 2017 to “discuss, discover, and devise better systems for now and the future”, as the conference’s website puts it.

The Economics of Happiness Conference was organized by local activist Karen Wyeth and others from the Local 20/20 organization, but took its name from the film of the same name, produced by the Swedish visionary Helena Norberg-Hodge’s group Local Futures, which has hosted similar conferences around the nation and the world.  Norberg-Hodge was among the speakers, as were Yes! Magazine co-founders David Korten and Sarah Van Gelder, Post-Carbon Institute Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg, organic farming and urban agriculture pioneer Michael Ableman, Happiness Alliance communications officer and Affluenza filmmaker and co-author John de Graaf, local food movement pioneer Judy Wicks (founder of Philadelphia’s iconic White Dog Café), Community Sourced Capital co-founder Rachel Maxwell, Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies and Thought in Education John Lupinacci, best-seller Your Money or Your Life author Vicki Robin, and UW Center for Communication and Civic Engagement Rethinking Prosperity project manager Deric Gruen.

KPTZ News Director Steve Evans recorded many of the presentations during the weekend, and KPTZ is making them available here in the hope that listening will provide inspiration to our listeners to also help “discuss, discover, and devise better systems for now and the future,” as the conference’s website put it.

1. Envisioning the Future, with Helena Norberg-Hodge, Richard Heinberg, David Korten, and Sarah van Gelder


2. Envisioning the Future: Q&A


3. Song by Lawrence Cole, “Localization is Bubbling Up”


4. Richard Heinberg: From GDP to GNH


5. John de Graaf: From GDP to GNH


6. Rachel Maxwell: From GDP to GNH


7. John Lupinacci: From GDP to GNH


8. Q&A from GDP to GNH


9. Judy Wicks: The Bigger Picture


10. Helena Norberg-Hodge: The Bigger Picture


11. Sarah van Gelder: The Bigger Picture


12. Deric Gruen & John de Graaf: Rethinking Prosperity


13. Peter Lumsdaine: Rethinking Prosperity


14. David Korten: Rethinking Prosperity


15. Brandy Gallagher: Going Local


16. Deric Gruen: Going Local


17. Michael Ableman: Going Local


18. Vicki Robin: Going Local


19. Q&A from Going Local